Traditional Style Garage Doors

The traditional garage door, defined by a raised or recessed panel, remains popular year after year. You probably see many traditional garage doors in your neighborhood! Homeowners continue to choose this design for its simplicity and ability to match the exterior of many homes. Many garages currently have traditional doors, so when replacing the door, this particular style feels safe because it’s what was already there.

grey long panel traditional door without windows
long panel traditional steel door with woodlike stain finish

If you’d like to update the look of your garage door, there are options to make a traditional garage door feel less… well, traditional. They come in a variety of colors and designs to accent the home’s exterior. Choose a crisp white to offer a clean look. Or add some pizzazz to the traditional style with a black garage door.

On a time crunch for your garage door project? Consider a traditional stamped steel door which may be in stock at your local dealer.