How to Match Your Garage Door to Your Home's Style

Finding a garage door that complements your home’s style may not be as difficult as you think!

It’s time for a new garage door! But with so many options for materials, styles, and colors, how could you possibly choose which garage door is best for your home’s style?! We’re here to help!

Step outside and take a look at the front of your home. Look at the color and material of your home. Consider the window shape and design. Is your front door bold or more blended with your home? You can consider these elements of your home when choosing your garage door to ensure your garage matches your home’s style.

Consider the overall style of your home.

Modern CHI Sterling Door

You’ll first want to think about your home’s style. From mid-century, craftsman, or log cabin, not every garage door will look good on every type of home. Having a basic understanding of the type of home you have will help you narrow down the best garage doors to match your home.

A sleek garage door with clean lines will look great on a modern home, while a modern carriage house door would really accentuate the design of a colonial style home. A majestic wood door will play off of the wood details found on a craftsman home.

Match the windows of your home to the windows of your garage door.

Fimbel EuroDor White

Garage doors have many different options for windows. When designing your garage door, you can choose a window option that plays off of your home’s window style. If you have large rectangle windows in the front of your home with inserts that resemble panes, you can choose something similar to keep a cohesive look throughout your home’s exterior.

If you have decorative arches over your windows and doors, opt for a garage door with an arched window to play off of the beautiful details that line your home’s exterior.

Take in the existing colors of your home.

CHI Shoreline Door

Your home, as is, offers many different options for you to think about which different colors will work best for your home. From the front door to the roofing, shutters and window frames, you can match your garage door to that design element. If your exterior consists of neutrals, you can stick with a similar theme or branch out to make your garage door the focal point of your home.

Choose a garage door that complements your front door.

Fimbel Presidential Garage Door

While they don’t have to be identical, you’ll want to choose a garage door design or color that helps accentuate your front door, especially if they both face the street. Choosing a color for the garage door that contrasts your front door will give your home a beautiful curb appeal. Opting for a similar design of the front door while experimenting with color can help keep the exterior of the home cohesive. Alternately, you can match the material, color, or design so the two offer a seamless theme across the front of your home. Additionally, some homeowners want to match the number of lites in your garage door window section to those in your front door. Doing so ensures the continuity of the lites in your home, which is important for some homeowners.

When you match your garage door to your home, you instantly increase your curb appeal. Taking the time to understand your home’s style and bringing that into the garage door shopping process will make a huge difference on your home’s exterior and beauty. The refined look of a common theme across your home’s exterior will have people slowing down as they go past so they can take in the elegance of your home.