Glass Garage Doors

Because of their contemporary look, glass garage doors are gaining popularity. And it's no surprise, as the right glass garage door can drastically change the exterior of a home. They offer a clean, minimalist look that is currently sought after by many homeowners.

As a result of its construction, which is just the steel or aluminum frame with the glass panes, glass garage doors can not be insulated and are available in limited designs. However, the real wow factor comes from the type of glass you choose to accentuate your door. Tinted glass options offer privacy, while textured glass still allows natural light. The doors shown here are called Full View Glass Doors and each has a different design which accentuates the home's exterior.

Double wide full view glass garage door
Full view glass garage door with tinted glass

As we all know, glass can be a delicate material, even when used for garage doors. A glass garage door may not be the best choice for you if you have an active driveway. Additionally, you’ll want to consider that repairs can become pretty costly, especially if they start to add up. But the wow factor a glass can add to your home is priceless!